The Swiss Watch Store offers a comprehensive range of warranties on all its watches. Subject to terms & conditions, please get in touch for more details.

Watch Renovation Service

The Swiss Watch Store offers a full service maintenance and repair service. Specialising in Swiss Wristwatches and pocket watches our repairs are guaranteed for one year from completition of renovation. The Swiss Watch Store will advise you if any part(s) needs replacing and an appropriate estimate will be supplied prior to commencing any work. All work is completed by our Very Experienced  Watch maker.

Work undertaken for a full service

  • Disassembly of the case and dial movement (manual) - £ 65
  • Cleaning/oiling of watch movement (automatic) - £ 195
  • Testing rate and adjustment as necessary (chronograph) - £ 110
  • Cleaning of case, bezel, Quartz and battery change - £ 85
  • Reassembly of the case and dial movement - inclusive
  • Quality control testing - inclusive

Please note that all renovation service costs are supplied subject to sight of your timepiece and the above are intended as a guide only, prices are subject to VAT.

How do I enquire about a watch renovation service?

For enquiries in the first instance please e-mail The Swiss Watch Store using the link below and clearly state the following details:

  • Brand of your watch
  • Model of watch
  • Model number
  • Movement
  • A brief summary of problem experienced

Send The Swiss Watch Store an enquiry

General maintenance services by The Swiss Watch Store (with no replacement of parts) are generally completed within two weeks of receipt of your timepiece.